The new way to run custom sports leagues.

Easily set up, manage, and play in season long pick 'em pools with your friends, family, and coworkers.

Football Leagues
2015 Football Leagues Available.
5 League Types. 1 Type of Fun.

Pick Em. Survivor. Confidence. Bankroll. Squares.

5 types of football leagues for all your custom Picks League needs. Now with more customizable options than ever before.

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We manage your leagues for you.
You get your weekends back.

Sports pick league administrators can spend countless hours every week organizing picks and calculating league results. We know, we used to be them. Now Picks League does all the work while you do, well... whatever you want.

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Nine different types of leagues.
Over 20,000 rule combinations.

By asking you every possible question about your league rules, we guarantee that we can manage your league online without sacrificing the experience you’re used to. And it all takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

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Overall, I couldn't be much happier. My Sundays and Mondays sure got a lot easier than they used to be.
— Dean Romano, bankroll league administrator

Get pick results instantly after games with text message updates.

No more waiting until you get home, or logging in to a computer to get your results. Instant texts keep you up to date, no matter where your weekends take you.

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