PicksLeague.com is Hiring

Join our growing team of sports enthusiasts

Software Engineer

PicksLeague is looking to fulfill a full-time position for a Software Engineer. Read the information below and shoot us an email with your information if you’re interested (jobs@picksleague.com).

Who are we?

We are a few sports junkies who created and are looking to (with your help) continuously improve PicksLeague.com, a product that allows administrators of custom sports leagues to create and host leagues to match whatever rule set they desire.

We currently boast over 10,000 possible rule combinations, host over 100 leagues, and have recorded over 35,000 picks in our first 6 months of operation.

Our current product was built starting in July 2011 and is in beta mode.

We have raised investment money and are looking to acquire tens of thousands of new users in 2012.

We love what we do and believe everyone deserves to feel the same way.

Who are you?

You are a Ruby on Rails engineer. Our current web application is built using Ruby on Rails, jQuery, and Postgres. We are currently deployed through Heroku but welcome your experience with other hosting services.

You are comfortable building and working in a testing environment, preferably using TDD or BDD.

You’d be happy to take what we have built so far and make it your own.

You have experience in building mobile apps, Facebook apps, APIs, and large scale database structures. If you don’t have this experience, you are confident in your abilities to learn with us how to tackle these tasks.

You are someone who takes pride in your work. We are building what we plan to be the most intuitive, easy to use, widespread custom sports league application on the market. We want it to be something we can see at the end of day of say “yes, we built that, and it is awesome.”

You are a sports fanatic, or are okay with the prospect of turning into one. We find it difficult to work on and use our product and not become obsessed with the outcome of every game being played every day.

You like the idea of working in a start-up environment. You will be the third full time employee and will be vital in our company’s growth, a role that will come with great responsibility and reward.

You enjoy gaming, listening to good music, and drinking good beer. We realize that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and thus value our play time.

You are in or willing to move to the Raleigh/Durham area at some point. While technologies make long-distance collaboration possible and simple, we value a stimulating in-person workspace and hope you will too.

What Next?

This is a full-time salary position, with the potential for equity.

If this sounds at all like you and you are interested in joining the team or helping in any way, shoot us an email to jobs@picksleague.com. Resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, previous work, favorite YouTube video, whatever info you think will give us an idea of why we need you to be our lead product developer and newest team member.