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League Settings

League Type: Tournament Brackets
League Sport: NCAAB - 2011/12
Registration Deadline: Mar 26th, 2012 - 2:04 pm
Pick Deadline: See Bracket Settings
# Total Entries / League Limit 158 / No League Limit
# Your Entries / Entry Limit 0 / 1

2012 NCAA Tournament Settings

2012-final-four 2012 NCAA Tournament Final Four in New Orleans, LA Mar 13-Apr 2
When are picks for this tournament bracket due? Start time of the first 2nd round game (Thursday, 12:15pm ET)
In which round of the tournament will your bracket picks begin? Second Round
What are the point values for each round of the tournament? 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 12 - 16
How are the points for each correct pick calculated? Round Value
What is the first bracket tiebreaker? No Tiebreaker
Are everyone's picks visible before the pick deadline? No, only you and the league admin can see your picks before the deadline



ron.wilhoit SportsClips Apr 4th, 2012 - 10:27AM
How do you redeem the free haircut?

All Entries

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Rank Entry Name User Name # Picks
79th 6footfive-1157 6footfive-1157 63
136th aardemagni aardemagni 67
49th abf0003-1048 abf0003-1048 63
75th aminton86 aminton86 63
3rd anthonyr.geist anthonyr.geist 63
7th asharp8815 asharp8815 63
117th bartgranv Playing the Rush 63
98th battlebagley4 battlebagley4 63
9th bcraig80 Brian 63
56th BeamanDJ casey.beaman-1119 63
15th bholloway97 bholloway97 67
141st BigBeefe uaknoxville 67
35th bigman42394 bigman42394 67
87th Bill Margo Bill Margo 63
145th bradstarrett bradstarrett 63
bravesfan25-1177 bravesfan25-1177 0
106th brennanjones12-1037 brennanjones12-1037 63
145th brentlinn brentlinn 37
123rd briancupp06 briancupp06 63