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PicksLeague contests are an exciting, low risk way to test your betting skills

Stop trying to beat the house and start competing against your friends. It's way more fun. Trust us.
Low risk

Play with your chip stack as if it were real money, while limiting your risk to your entry fee.

High reward

Outperform your opponents to take home the prize pool. They say the house always wins. Not with PicksLeague.

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Leagues make creating and joining private contests easy

Do you often play with the same group of people? Form a league together and never miss a contest with your friends.
  • 1
    Create a league

    All you need is a clever name. We'll create a private link for your league.

  • 2
    Invite your friends

    Send your friends the link to your league so they can see and join any new contests.

  • 3
    Build contests

    Start contests inside your league and all members will be able to join them.

  • 4
    Climb the leaderboard

    League standings aggregate contest finishes to show where you stand in the group.

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